Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The Chicago skyline from the Field Museum steps.
Paul Lorenz with "October", an installation about time and place created with ice and ink on canvas. Lots of fun to watch this in person.
My artistic totems.  Each totem represented the artist participating in the show.  One totem did not "survive" and the artist was included  in the installtion with slip on the floor in her silhouette.

Pauls ice explosion after the ink was poured over the ice block.

Helene Davis' fiber art installation.
John Romang's resin light box installation.

Gretchen Smitch "City of Biblical Proportions".  This installation was created using the entire bible ripped apart and dipped in wax.  She is a coal miners daughter and the coal in the installation deals with how much one person uses in a single day... half a ton worth! 

The entire group! 

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