Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday after working, some of my friends and I decided  to hit up Etcetera's that night. Of course, I got the usual smores bar and hot mocha. Too much chocolate for this little lady, but oh well. It's oh so delicious. I checked out some of the art work there since we might have a show there this year. Tilghman was having a show there and I saw one students art that was pretty neat. It was from her 2D portfolio and it was just close up pictures of candy where you couldn't really tell what kind of candy it was, but you still knew it was candy. It was pretty neat looking.

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  1. I remember this art project when I went to high school. I recall we had to zoom in on a section of the candy wrapper and focus on the details that we saw. It took some time to make the picture plane look like plastic, but then again I had a good teacher to show me how to make that happen... It was a fun project. You should try it!
    Maybe that is what you paint this week?